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Montreal, Quebec - Canada

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Role:: Cloud Engineer

Location:: Montreal, QC or Mississauga, ON (Hybrid)

Type:: Contract

Job Description:

AWS specifically.

  • Responsible for the development and release of business applications, application integrations, microservices, and support of critical business application systems.
  • They will development, implementation, integration, and maintenance of business application systems leveraging AWS cloud-based technologies and services.

Key skills in

  • AWS cloud capabilities, C#, .NET, SQL, Python, and Cloud DevOps.
  • Specific AWS services include S3, Event Bridge, Lambdas (C# and Python), Glue and Sagemaker.
  • Skills in API usage, command line interface and SDKs (AWS API Gateway, Amazon EKS).
  • Well versed in usage of containers (Docker) and container orchestration (Kubernetes).
  • Ability to maintain continuous integration and continuous delivery process using tools such as Azure DevOps pipelines and AWS Code Pipeline.
  • Familiarity with package managers (PyPi and Nuget) and usage of AWS Code Artifacts and Azure Artifacts.
  • Current knowledge of Mongo DB is a big plus.
  • Put simply We need a good Cloud Engineer that has a solid set of skills with Core AWS services and can quickly spin up a few services.
  • This is all hands on. The person will enjoy building some cool tech quickly.

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