Python Job: Senior Python Developer

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McLean, Virginia - United States of America

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Design , develop, and maintain scalable web/python/java applications using modern front-end back-end technologies
Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define , design and ship new features
Write clean, maintainable and efficient code following best practices and coding standards
Ensure performance, quality and responsiveness of application
Participate in code reviews, provide and receive constructive feedback

Cloud Native:
Deploy , manage and monitor applications in cloud environments (prefeably AWS)
Utilize cloud services and tools to enhance the scalability, reliability and efficiency of applications
Implement and maintain CI/CD pipelines for automated deployment and testing

Gen AI integrations (BigPlus)
Develop and integrate Gen AI techniques ( RAG, fine-tune, prompt engineering, guardrails)
Optimize Gen AI applications for performance and scalability in cloud native applications
Collaborate with cross-functional teams to implement AI driven features and functionalities

Over 5+ years of hands on experience as senior full stack developer in cloud native env for large scale enterprise applications
Experience in GenAI, ML using patterns such RAG, fine-tuning, ChatCompletions, Guardrails is big plus
Mastery skills in several of the technologies such Java/SpringBoot, Python/Langchain, Angular/Cypress/Jest, Karate/Junit5/RestAsured, Mongo/Postgres, AWS services (S3, DynamoDB, AMQ), OpeAI, Figma
Strong cloud native application experience With Kubernetes (EKS/AKS/), Vault (Hasicorp), AuthZ/Authn (PING, RBAC), getaways (Apigee), Logging (ELK), ALBs (Istio), Atlasian Suites (Jenkins/Bitbucket/Jira)
Experience with working with agile methodologies/Scrum process using tools such as Atlasian suites
Excellent problem solving/trouble shooting skills with both pre and post production issues
Good team player, can lead/mentor junior engineer.
Experience in developing high scalable , reliable efficient applications conforming 12-factor principles and other successful architecture designs