Python Job: Python Network Automation Engineer W2 Only

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Amiseq Inc.


Sunnyvale, CA - United States of America

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- Develop automation scripts to communicate with physical/virtual network devices, using Python 3+ and popular Python libraries for network automation like Netmiko, Paramiko, NAPALM, and protocols like NETCONF, RESTCONF

- Develop Restful APIs with Python + Flask

- Develop tests using Pytest and other internal tools

- Monitor issues, conduct RCA and fix defects in time

- Conform to internal coding standards and guidelines

- Perform code reviews for peers

- Write documentation as needed



- Very strong Python proficiency, having at least 3 years' experience

- Parsing data formats like XML, JSON, YAML

- Experience with templating engine like Jinja2

- Experience with RESTful APIs and Flask framework, API documentation

- Understanding of Python packaging concepts

- Good understanding of the Git version control system

- Networking knowledge: Data Center technologies. Traditional vs Spine-leaf CLOS architecture. Layer2/3 devices, connectivity, and communication

- Excellent problem-solving skills



- BS Comp Science

- MS Comp Science