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Chicago, IL - United States of America

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*Full-time Direct Hire

*Hybrid Remote (3 days/wk on-site)



Develop, support, and continuously improve programs to automate security checks and controls into the build and deployment pipelines

Develop, support, and continuously improve programs to make it easier for teams to deploy their applications to environments outside of development

Work with development, platform automation and security teams to build automation, establish standards and best practices that need to be solved enterprise wide.

Performs thorough code-reviews based on high engineering standards

Writes unit and integration tests based on chosen DevOps frameworks.

Troubleshoot environments as problems arise, test fixes, and perform follow-ups to ensure problems have been adequately resolved.

Peer program with development teams to show them what good looks for their CI/CD pipelines and help teach them how to implement standard and best practices

Other job-related duties as assigned.



Qualifications & Experience

5+ years programming experience

Hands-on experience working in Agile and DevOps cultures, focusing on process improvement and automation.

Experience of working both independently and collaboratively in a fast paced, change oriented, and demanding IT environment with a strong focus on business outcomes.

Self-starter – takes the initiative to research, learn, and deliver. Anticipates the play.

Team player – humble, collaborative, and focused on making sure the entire team succeeds.


Technical Skills & Background


[Required] Python programming 5+ years’ experience required

[Required] Experience writing unit and integration test with testing frameworks like pytest and unit test

[Required] Working knowledge of Terraform (Enterprise preferred)

[Required] Working knowledge of Kubernetes & Helm

[Required] Working knowledge of Docker (containerize applications & best practices)

[Desired] Working knowledge of DevOps tools: GitHub, Jenkins, SonarQube, Artifactory, Harness



Relevant industry certifications such as AWS Solutions Architect Associate or similar are a plus.


Education & Training

Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees in Computer Science, Information Systems or other related field. Or equivalent work experience.