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Client will start as a contract, but will consider a contract-to-hire conversion in a few months.

Our Client is seeking a talented back-end developer fluent in Python to join our growing product
development team. We are a fast-paced startup with a long list of upcoming features,
improvements, new products and challenges on our roadmap. We are currently reworking our
back ends to improve our account management system for enterprises, unify our databases
across product lines, support new products, move our language processing from TypeScript to
Python, and build a new ecommerce integration.

You should:
Be comfortable working as part of a team of talented engineers
Have strong written and spoken communication skills in English and be able to clearly
communicate issues and solutions both in writing (including diagrams) and in staff meetings
Focus on maintainability, clear code, testing and scalability / performance
Be proficient in debugging and troubleshooting code
Have a clear understanding of secure coding practices including data protection
Have great time management skills

Rewrite our existing TypeScript language processing functions in Python
Work on API to communicate with front end as well as other back end processes
Define and implement end-to-end testing and QA plans
Participate in project planning including writing and completing detailed work tickets
Create and maintain software documentation

Requirements and skills
Strong Python developer experience with emphasis on NLP
Savvy with standard libraries like operator and itertools, which includes avoiding complex recipes when performance does not demand it.
Basic understanding of Python’s inner workings, including its intermediate bytecode, garbage collection, and its so-called data model.
Comfortable writing concurrent code, knowing when to choose between async, multithreading, and multiprocessing.
Strong sense of what already exists in the Python ecosystem, so you do not find yourself reinventing the wheel.

Familiar with standard string searching algorithms, like Booyer-Moore and Aho-Corasick.
Extremely comfortable completing Natural Language Processing tasks in Python including
   Highly accurate sentence segmentation and part-of-speech tagging for a given domain of writing.
   Assembling and using large corpora to validate approaches to NLP tasks.
Experience with specific third-party libraries:
spaCy (including its Matcher)
NLTK (optional)
Comfortable enough with TypeScript to be able to rewrite code from TypeScript to Python

Additional skills we’d love to see
MS 365 Add-in experience
Cython experience writing C extensions for performance in critical areas
Legal Tech or Law related experience
AI and or math background