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Datamtx LLC
United States of America


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We are looking for a AL ML Python Data Engineer for a short term Part-time Project consisting of 10-15 hours per week. It will be 100% remote.

Job Specs:

  • Data science, building AI/Client models for a manufacturing project at Pratt and Whitney.
  • This role will be part of a team of 6+ people to roll out a 90 Day POC for anomaly detection for defects in the manufacturing engine turbines for jet engines.
  • The goal is to reduce by 15% the number of part defects during the process and after the device is delivered to a customer.
  • This will require about 10-15 hours per week of programming, cleaning data sets, integrating data sets, building AI models, training models, deploying models, tuning models for maximum performance
Tools : Python, Tableau, SQL databases, Jupyter Notebooks, ETL tools, Supervised Learning, Github, Excel

Experience - 5+ years