Python Job: Python Developer with Machine Automation

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Delviom LLC


Des Moines, IA - United States of America

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Python Machine Automation Engineer

10+ months contract
Location:  Work onsite fulltime from day one : Urbandale, IA (DesMoines, Iowa)
Perfect English/Communication skills
9 years Python# Development
Desired: Create web pages using Python and React to interact with automated machinery
JSON API development, Design Tables and databases
2nd shift support required seasonally 11am-8pm (Feb-May)\
Desired: Flask Web Apps, Socket I/O, React / jQuery, CI/CD pipeline, GIT
Required to have a Bachelors degree
Required for the candidate to take a Filtered Test in Python - Filtered is an intense technical assessment where the candidate is videoed as they take the test.
Python Machine Automation Engineer
Want to program robots?
Work in a fast-paced R&D environment
Create web pages using Python and React to interact with automated machinery
Design databases and JSON APIs
Provide feedback in the product design and specification process
A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected
Responsible for code development, debugging, analyzing test results, implementation, support, and enhancement of automated system software programs used in agricultural research.
Python Machine Automation Development, support of the lab automation process
Required Qualifications
Minimum of 9 years experience in a programming field, database design, or server administration
Proficient in programming Python with 9+ years experience
Proficient in SQL Query Development, Relational Database Design
Proficient in JSON API development
Requires a bachelor's degree in Computer Science or similar bachelors degree
Good verbal and written communication skills
This developer position is based in Urbandale, IA
2nd shift support required seasonally 11am-8pm (Feb-May)
Preferred but not required qualifications
Flask Web Apps
Socket I/O
React / jQuery
CI/CD pipeline experience
Agile development environment
Git source control experience