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Position objective

We are seeking an Investment Associate to join our investment strategy team, with a focus on conducting quantitative research to drive new investment analytics solutions. The right candidate will also help develop more junior members of the investment strategy team in quantitative research and development.

Key responsibilities

Quantitative Research:

  • Working with other members of our investment strategy team to research new quantitative models to assist in our investment strategy advice. This may include tasks such as researching quantitative models in academic reports, prototyping quantitative models in Python, and producing short research reports for clients on your quantitative research.
  • Developing more junior members of staff on quantitative research.

Quantitative Development:

  • Taking advantage of Frontier’s technology stack, you will be required to work on building protypes of models using Python, such as new analytical tools, data visualisations, dashboards and heatmaps.
  • Working with the Quantitative Developers in the Technology team, whose role it is to ‘industrialise’ and optimise prototype tools for Frontier’s client-facing application suite (e.g. Frontier’s Partners Platform, and tools such as Portfolio Analytics).
  • Working with the Technology team through the prototyping process to ensure that new quantitative work in the investment strategy team is done efficiently (e.g. developed with coding best practice in mind; writing reusable, testable and efficient code (including notes and instructions); integrating security and data protection where required).
  • Developing more junior members of staff on quantitative development, including coding of new prototypes of models in Python.

Investment Strategy:

  • Where requested, carry out investment strategy research to improve your and the firm’s knowledge and understanding of capital markets and related issues faced by clients, and enhance your capacity to provide capital markets research support to other Frontier staff as directed by senior members of the investment strategy team.

Client work:

  • Where required, undertake client work, including providing high quality and timely investment advisory support to clients, including analytical work.
  • Ensuring that all work is subject to Frontier’s Quality Assurance processes.

Business Responsibilities:

  • Contributing to business planning.
  • Complying with the Frontier Compliance and Risk Management Manual.
  • Raising your personal profile outside and inside Frontier.
  • Providing effective and continuous feedback to other staff.
  • Leading by example.
  • From time to time, you may be required to be involved in special projects that have been determined on a research needs or business needs basis.
Essential Knowledge and Experience

Requirements of the position:

  • Tertiary qualified in a finance or closely related degree
  • 1 years’ work experience within demonstrated use of quantitative analysis
  • Proficient in use of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint including spreadsheet modelling
  • Investment or commercial mindset with strong research skills
  • High attention to detail and accuracy
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and an ability to communicate at all levels
  • Comfortable working in a small team and independently.
  • Exemplary interpersonal skills and an ability to work in, and contribute to, a team environment by working co-operatively and effectively in an environment of mutual respect to ensure:
    • All work is of high quality and delivered in a timely manner.
    • Other Frontier staff are involved in work where they have particular expertise or specialisation.
    • Support and back up is provided to other staff in relation to work.
    • Work is delegated appropriately and effectively to the person most suitably qualified to undertake the work whilst at the same time retaining responsibility for the completion of that work.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and an ability to communicate at all levels, including:
    • Presenting to clients and staff in a professional and confident manner.
    • Communicating with external managers stakeholders in a professional and appropriate manner.
    • Giving and receiving feedback positively, constructively and consistently.
    • Taking appropriate action if it is unlikely that a deadline can be met.
We’d love to hear from you

If you have the right to live and work in Australia and think this role could be for you, please submit your resume to David May at [email protected].