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Pune - India

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    10 - 15L

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    4-5 years


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Job Description

  • API development
  • Internal linking algorithms, scripts and runs on demand
  • Scraping technology
  • All codes for Category expansion tools, metis backend data transformation scripts, semrush data ingestion codes, forecasting tool, gap analysis tool, spa filtering, crosslinking
  • Data management
  • Developed initially, Now Supervision and troubleshoot Category Monitoring, Product Visibility, Category Merchandising and Total Search data ingestion scripts
  • Ways Of working scripts development, changes, monitoring
  • External APIs
  • Email functions for logs and script failure monitoring
  • Automated email functions for user onboarding, password change, report generation for internal users
  • Conduction morning connects and sending daily update emails with team tasks for the day
  • Sprint planning with Joe involves asking him for the priorites for coming two weeks and shortlisting a reasonable amount of responsibilities for each individual
  • Internal governance decks
  • Google Analytics 4 certification


Skillset required:
  • Python functions on Lambda and API gateway
  • Python, Proxy usage, data storage in google sheets, Excel, S3 and Redshift
  • Python, Lambda,
  • Google sheets, excel, S3 Bucket and Redshift
  • Python, AWS services (Ec2, S3 Bucket, Redshift), APIs, web scraping (HTML/CSS)
  • Python, harvest and asana API
  • Google sheets, mail, Google Ads, GA, GSC, SemRush, ahrefs, harvest, Asana APIs
  • Python functions on Lambda and API gateway
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics


If you believe you have it in you to work for a company which has a start-up mindset and be part of a dynamic and vibrant company and play a role of an entrepreneur, then Systems Plus is the place to be. We are looking for people who have that flame in them who want to make a difference and are willing to learn and grow rather than people having too many degrees or a long line of experience.

We are looking for Entrepreneurs.

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You will have enough challenges to grow and enjoy your work.

We have an interesting ABCDE philosophy, which we believe will help you an individual.

If you would like to work in this dynamic environment, know more about ABCDE and contribute to your and the company’s growth, then please contact us.

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