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Amsterdam - Netherlands

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Your mission

We’re disrupting the way people make buying decisions by combining the power of data, code, words, and design.

So where do you fit in? Data and code.

Researching and buying products can be a tedious thing everybody has to deal with. You read customer reviews, watch YouTube videos and compare specifications of products. Oh, and don’t forget! While doing the research, you also have to take the price and availability of the product into account. We believe there is a better, smarter, more streamlined way.

We’re on a mission to collect enormous amounts of product by scraping the web, using APIs from our partners at Amazon, Coolblue, and, collecting insights from our product expert team, and more. All this information we store in a nicely structured Postgres database.

With this data we’ve gathered, we rank products inside product categories with awesome ranking algorithms. All this information we expose in an API that our websites can use.

The end game is that we create the best and most advanced, personalized product recommendation system in the world, and that is why we need you.
We’re looking for someone in our core team that takes full responsibility for the project and continues to make it better. Does this sound interesting to you? Then continue reading!

What you’ll be in charge of

  • Build high-quality, clean, scalable, and reusable code by enforcing best practices around software engineering.
  • Build, improve and manage our data pipelines and database.
  • The development of our product recommendation system.
  • Come up with ideas for more features that can benefit our users.
  • Manage infrastructure and automated deployments.
  • Work closely together with the founder and 2 (remote) front-enders.

What we’re looking for

  • 2+ years backend development experience in Python.
  • Excellent communication skills, and in general a nice person to work with.
  • You are a quick learner, curious and autodidactic.
  • You have experience with SQL (Postgres), Python (SQLalchemy, Celery, FastAPI), and standard programming techniques (clean code, error handling, unit testing/TDD, Git, CI/CD, Docker).
  • You keep your finger on the pulse, you’re organized and can extract order from chaos.
  • You can balance speed with quality.

What we offer

  • Competitive salary
  • Brand-new MacBook
  • Office in front of Amsterdam Central Station.
  • 25 vacation days
  • Travel allowance
  • Taking full responsibility and working on something meaningful that directly impacts 500.000+ people a month.
  • Desk with two big monitors, one of which can be used as a vertical screen.
  • Hybrid-remote, work at our office, from home, or periods abroad.
  • Flexible working hours, start from 8 to 10. Going to the gym during the day is also okay.
  • Small team, minimal bureaucracy.
  • Office in building with like-minded startup companies and freelancers. Vibrant community that organizes regular events.
  • The founder can code and understands your point of view and how you like to work.

Most places where people consume information, media and make buying decisions are ugly, incorrect, outdated, boring and not engaging.

Our mission is to disrupt the way people make buying decisions and consume information.

We are achieving this by combining the power of data, code, words, and design.

This creates synergy which allows us to create correct, beautiful, and engaging content at scale. We currently operate 7 online brands in The Netherlands, engaging and helping over half a million people per month.