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Pondus is a technology company at the intersection of ML, IoT, good-old fashion AI and Agriculture. Its current mission is to improve animal welfare and productivity in the Poultry Industry. Several practices in traditional farming are stressing both farmers and animals, as well as being inefficient or inaccurate. Pondus has deployed unique smart automation services to address pain points in the industry, and is now expanding to new services toward putting sheds on “autopilot” to the benefit of both animals and the industry.

Keywords: IoT, ML, GOFAI, Poultry Industry, Animal Welfare


The role is about building Pondus data processing backend and service APIs. Pondus collects data from a range of sensors in all our customer sheds in several regions of the world. This data is processed and transformed to deliver services through API endpoints, used by the Pondus apps and integration partners. The role is to:

  • Develop logic to aggregate and groom data pipelines,
  • Ensure security of operations,
  • Ensure safety of operations with advanced monitoring and reporting,
  • Provide APIs for collecting data and exposing services.
The Pondus stack is entirely built on container technology, so the choice of programming language is pretty open. Currently we use mainly Python and Javascript, as well as Dart and Rust.

The role is also to explore and communicate on technology, if interested. We welcome experiencing the latest technology, evaluating their potential to the backend, and often publicly talk about it.

The role has a lot of freedom in technology choices. The current base is:

  • A range of JSON RESTful APIs, with security management.
  • Ad hoc data workflow engine, considering moving to Airflow, Pulsar, Pachyderm and related.
  • Containers with Docker.
  • Programming with Python and Javascript, some Rust.
  • Testing with language-specific frameworks like PyTest.
  • Deployment management with Terraform and Waypoint.
  • Container orchestration with Nomad and Consul.
  • Primarily AWS.
And if interested, the role can also evolve to include ML engineering and Nomad infrastructure management.


It can be messy and requires personal commitment. applying! We expect a few things from you:

  • Enthusiasm and interest toward backend development and data.
  • You will have room for growth, and many challenges.
  • We are enthusiastic and involved in our own specialities!
  • Ready to join a startup.
  • It can be messy, and requires personal commitment.
  • Startups often require a dose of initiative.
  • Failure is learning.
  • We expect you to work with us, not for us.
  • Accept a startup can fold. This is why we start with a contract.
  • We take care of each other.
  • A ServerFault or StackOverflow account?
  • A GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket account?
  • A personal blog or Medium contributions?
  • Presentations at meetups?
  • Work of pride?
  • We would like to see what you have done already.
In terms of technologies and skills, we are interested in experience with:

  • Programming languages, e.g. Python, Rust, Go, C.
  • Distributed version control, basically Git.
  • API development, e.g. RESTful and protobuf.
  • Container technology, e.g. Docker.
  • Workload orchestration, e.g. Nomad, Kubernetes.
  • Advanced monitoring, e.g. Prometheus, Graphite.
  • Compute layers, e.g. Ray, Celery, Spark, Sidekiq.
  • Data streaming and analysis technologies.
  • S3-like storage.
  • Distributed and time-series databases.
  • Data query languages, e.g. No-SQL, SQL, GraphQL.
  • GitOps and MLOps frameworks.
We have no experience level requirement, as we wish to grow together with you and, well, there is no need for everything right away. So please consider applying even if you only see partial coverage of the above!

The ideal candidate

If you score yourself high on several items, we definitely hope for a chance to talk with you. We will consider some extras:

  • Experience with “real world” APIs, data management and concrete ML solutions.
  • Interest in animal welfare, especially chickens.
  • A degree is not necessary to apply, but...
  • A degree is sometimes necessary to apply for visas.
  • The role would benefit from advanced analytical skills.
Application stages: Getting to know each other

We hope applying to work with us is a great experience. We value your time and your interest! We think the best way to decide to work together is first to know more about each other, starting with us sharing our online profiles, available on the company page. together is first to know more of each other, starting with us sharing our online profiles, available on the company page.

We propose meeting a number of times, primarily online, and freely talk about you, about us, and about what we could achieve together.

We may organize other meetings, for you and us to know better, sometimes on-site.our motivation for applying, and seeing your past achievements. This should give us a chance to reply early whether we should meet for the occasion. We promise to reply to each serious application.

In short, here is a typical application flow:
  • You apply, sending us a resume and a short cover letter. Again, we value very much seeing your public contributions.
  • We invite you for a first online meeting, or explain why we may not meet this time.
  • We may organize other meetings, for you and us to know better, sometimes on site.
  • We expect to make decisions relatively rapidly.
  • We may ask for references.
Work Style

How we work together is in flux, as the team and company grow. We aim at adapting working conditions as we all see fit. Currently:

  • We encourage asking “why”.
  • Inclusive.
  • Personal growth-oriented environment.
  • Honest salaries.
  • No bonus culture. Reward will come to all in the company.
  • Equity if interested.
  • Distributed and remote work culture.
  • We meet online when needed.
  • We breathe open source, when it makes sense.
We hope these items paint a constructive image of our work style. All these items depend on the team, and your presence will influence them, as a partner.